EGGY YO Hard Boiled Egg Maker – Egg Cooker Set 5in1: 6 Silicone Cups, Holder, Brush, White Separator, Timer. Perfect Soft and Hard Boiled Eggs Without The Shell. As seen on TV


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  • HANDY POACHED EGG MAKER: This Egg Set makes Cooking the Perfect Hard, Medium or Soft Boiled Eggs so Simple
  • EASY TO USE: Brush Egg Poacher Cups with Oil; Crack Eggs into them; Place Cups in Holder and Boil
  • NO SHELLS PEELING: With our Boil Eggs Set you’ll never have to struggle to peel Hard-Boiled Egg again
  • MULTIPLE USES: Cook Delicious Healthy Egg Dishes; Make Perfect Egg Bites or Mini Omelets with ease
  • SAFE PURCHASE: As seen on TV Egg Cooker is Food Safe no BPA with Risk-Free 90day Money Back Guarantee

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