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Vinturi V1071 Deluxe Essential Red Pourer and Decanter Tower Stand Set Easily and Conveniently Aerates Wine by the Bottle or Glass and Enhances Flavors with Smoother Finish, Black

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Includes: red wine aerator, Tower arm, Tower base, no-splash grate, no-drip stand & filter screen
For use with all red wines
Quickly and conveniently aerate wine by the bottle or glass
Includes aerator Tower for ease of use
Mixes wine with air to enhance flavor, bouquet, and finish of any red wine
Easy to clean and dishwasher safe
Stylish 6-piece set includes the Vinturi red wine aerator, tower arm, tower base, no-splash grate, and sediment filter
Wine aerator mixes wine with air to enhance flavor, bouquet, and finish of any red wine
Curved acrylic 2-piece tower floats aerator, secures wine glass, and provides a dramatic presentation
No-splash grate eliminates mess
Easy to clean and dishwasher safe
Note: There are two slight fold lines that extend upward from each air hole. These are normal. During manufacturing, material folds around rods and wraps back, and this causes the fold lines.

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